Types of Dental Extractions

The majority of adults will have a tooth extracted at one point or another in their lives. There are different reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. When it comes to dental extractions, surgical and simple extractions are the main types.


A simple extraction involves the removal of teeth that are visible and easy to access. A surgical extraction involves more complex tooth removal, requiring incisions to access the targeted tooth.


Why You May Need Tooth Extraction


There are several reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. Some reasons include trauma to the tooth that can lead to damage, extensive decay, and impacted wisdom teeth. You may also need extraction if you have broken teeth that cannot be saved with a dental restoration.


Extractions can also be needed to remove a baby tooth that isn’t falling out on its own. Orthodontists can also recommend teeth extractions to create space and help with re-alignment of the teeth when teeth crowding is a problem. A dentist will help to determine if you need to have a tooth removed.


Surgical Dental Extractions


A surgical dental extraction is usually used when removing hard-to-access teeth or teeth that are difficult to remove because of their shape and form, such as broken teeth, and teeth with curvy or long roots. Difficult access usually occurs when teeth fail to erupt, as is often the case with wisdom teeth. This means that the teeth have not broken past the gum line and typically requires the patient to be sedated for tooth removal. Surgical extractions may also be needed when a tooth becomes fractured below the gumline. A general dentist can perform surgical extractions, however, they may choose to refer to an oral surgeon on a case-by-case basis.


Simple Dental Extractions


This form of extraction is mainly about the removal of a tooth that is visible. It is termed a simple extraction as it typically doesn’t require more involved procedures for removal. A general dentist can typically carry out this procedure in the dental office and it doesn’t require sedation. Local anesthesia is used for numbing the area before the extraction, and laughing gas or nitrous oxide sedation can be used to help relax the patient.


Choosing the Extraction Process


The dentist will examine the teeth and capture x-rays to help in making the determination for the best way to remove the tooth. The dentist will also take into consideration the comfort level of the patient and even the patient’s anxiety level with dental treatment. With all factors considered, the dentist will then recommend the right course of action for each patient.


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