Start the New Year Right with Our Dental Savings Membership

Covering dental expenses for your family can be costly. Sometimes, you may think that traditional dental insurance will offer some relief. However, there may be clauses in the fine print that can inconvenience you. Some policies limit you to a specific network. Others require you to cover the cost, and they will issue a reimbursement later.

These and other conditions may bring challenges when you or your family need complex dental care. One way to remove traditional dental insurance hassles is through our dental savings membership plan. Start the new year right by getting one for you or your family.

What is a Dental Savings Membership Plan?


Dental savings plans are a flexible alternative to traditional dental insurance. They make dental care more affordable by providing members discounts to help them get the dental care they need. 

You can get access to cosmetic treatments. It also covers preventive and restorative care that you may not get under traditional dental insurance. Here are some reasons to start the new year with a dental savings membership plan.

No Maximum Coverage


Most dental insurance will only pay a certain amount or percentage of your treatment. Any amount over the stipulation falls to the patient. Thus, be on your toes and understand the fine print. Otherwise, you may get bills you were not ready to cover. 

The benefits may do not roll over to the following year. The insurance may decide to review them. Thus, any that you do not use will get lost if you do not use it. The dental savings membership does not have yearly maximums. You choose the membership plan that fits you and enjoy the services. You do not have to worry about the annual maximums.


Waiting Periods


Traditional dental insurance has an initial waiting period. The time has to lapse before the coverage comes into effect. These waiting periods may be anywhere from 30 days to 12 months. This means that even though you are paying for your dental insurance, they will not cover treatment for you until the waiting period has passed.

The dental savings membership has no waiting period. You can start saving right away and start using the benefits without waiting. 

No Preexisting Condition Clauses


Traditional dental insurance may refuse to give you coverage because of a preexisting condition. For example, if a tooth was missing prior to the insurance plan starting, they will not pay to cover the replacement of that missing tooth. If a crown was done 3 years ago and needs to be replaced, they will not pay towards the new crowns unless it is sometimes 5, 7 or 10 years old. The dental savings plan has no exclusions on preexisting conditions.

No Surprise Bills


You need to read the fine print on your insurance coverage carefully. Otherwise, traditional dental insurance can deny your claim and stick you with the bill. However, you may appeal if you know the content of the fine print. This process can be tedious and tiring.

Insurance plans frequently deny coverage to avoid having to pay out. This means they are looking for reasons to deny your claim and this means that you as the patient, get stuck with the insurance’s bill. Otherwise, you can get a dental savings membership plan to avoid the hassle. This will help you to avoid receiving any surprise bills, and you will know what you are responsible for paying from the get-go.

For more information on dental savings membership plan, visit Hamlin Modern Dentistry at our office in Winter Garden, Florida. Call (407) 993-6370 to schedule an appointment today.

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